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Shipping Policy

Welcome to ToyRoundabout, where the joy of play meets the convenience of home delivery! Our aim is to make toy exchange as seamless and enjoyable as possible for both kids and parents. Here's how our shipping process ensures a smooth, joyful journey from our toy hub to your home:​


Getting Started

Initial Box Delivery: Upon subscribing, we'll send you a ToyRoundabout box tailored to the size and weight specifications of your chosen subscription level. This box will include everything you need to send us your toys, including tape and a pre-paid shipping label.

Sending Toys to Us

Packing Your Box: Fill the box with the toys you wish to exchange. Make sure they fit within the weight limit of your subscription. Use the tape and shipping label provided to securely package your box.


Shipping Back to ToyRoundabout: Attach the pre-paid shipping label to your box and drop it off at the designated shipping carrier's location. There's no additional cost for shipping the toys back to us.

Receiving Toys From Us

Our Processing: Once we receive your box, our team will carefully clean and evaluate each toy to ensure they meet our standards. We then curate a selection of toys to send back to you, aiming to match the value and type of toys you sent.

Delivery of New Toys: We ship out your new toys as swiftly as our process allows, so you and your little ones can dive into new adventures without delay.


Exchanges and Replacements

Monthly Exchanges: If there are toys in your received box that don't quite hit the mark, you're welcome to send them back in your next monthly box for different ones.

Variety Assurance: While we strive to provide a diverse toy selection, we cannot guarantee that you won't receive the same toy more than once. However, we do our best to keep repeats to a minimum and ensure a fresh experience with each exchange.

Keeping the Box

Your ToyRoundabout Box: The box you receive with your new toys is yours to keep! Each month, you'll get a new box for your next exchange, simplifying the process and ensuring that the fun never stops rolling in.

Our Commitment

At ToyRoundabout, we're dedicated to creating memorable, happy playtimes through a sustainable toy exchange model. Our shipping policy is designed with your convenience and satisfaction at heart, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free toy adventure every time.

Return & Exchange Policy

Given the unique nature of our service, we do not accept returns or exchanges outside of our monthly exchange cycle. Every toy you receive is part of a continuous loop of joy and discovery.

While we strive to match toys to your family's preferences, we encourage sending back any toys that don't hit the mark in your next box. Our goal is to fine-tune selections to your delight.

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